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The heart of your business network is without a doubt your servers. They house critical applications, databases and e-mail functionality. Your servers are mission critical for the overall success of your business and health of your network. Nettech India understands how vital your server environment is to the life of your business, which is why we deploy the most technologically advanced tools to help us monitor the most critical aspects of your server environment and manage the performance of your servers in real time.


Server Management Services

We fully understand how critical server availability and performance are to successful business operation. Managing servers can be a resource-intensive task, even for the most experienced technician. Our job is to actively monitor your servers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure maximum uptime, solid security and optimal performance. We employ state of the art monitoring tools and highly skilled engineers to detect and resolve problems before they impact your server performance and impair your business. By utilizing our services you are removing the headache of in-house server management and maintenance, allowing you to focus resources on your core business expertise. We take pride in our comprehensive remote server management and support solutions that deliver outstanding results to our clients.

Our highly skilled technicians and analysts have many years of real-world experience working with a wide range of server hardware and software configurations. They will provide you with best-in-class support services both remotely and on-site.

We handle all aspects of server setup, software installation, server management, problem diagnosis, repair and maintenance, and server upgrades. Whether you are adding a new server to your server bank, replacing an old tired server, installing your first ever server, or performing required upgrades, 365 Server Support does it smoothly. Our competent team works quickly to determine the source of problems, and takes immediate steps to fix hardware or software issues efficiently and with minimal downtime.

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Server management services include but not limited to:

  • Application of the latest security fixes and patches in protecting your server from breaches, hackers and viruses
  • Upgrading software applications to the latest signatures
  • Solving of any technical problems you might encounter
  • Installation  or Set up and configuration of your servers and control panels
  • Installation  or Set up and configuration of basic Firewall systems
  • Optimization and tuning of your server’s performance

Virtualisation is also moving beyond the server and storage domains. Desktop virtualisation is on the fast track to mainstream adoption. How can desktop virtualisation help you manage device proliferation … and operate more effectively and securely in today’s mobile, user-centric workspace? How can it streamline your application and operating system upgrades?​

Nettech India will guide your through best practices for backup and disaster recovery. In the unlikely event of any unforseen disasters, your business will be prepared to ensure business continuity and functionality while avoiding costly and unnecessary downtime.

With Nettech India central dashboard in place, we become your network administrator, carrying out all the routine maintenance required to keep your employees working and your network secure. We will ensure that new employees are working, old employees are not and your information is accessible to the correct individuals.







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